About us

Don’t Worry. Travel Happy. SkipRoaming the next generation roaming product

SkipRoaming is a revolutionary product designed for Global travellers who are being fleeced by their mobile networks on the pretext of “International Roaming”. It has been a challenge for companies whose employees travel worldwide and the individual international traveller to minimize this expense. They are left with a very limited solution of either buying a local Sim or buying a Global Sim which changes the traveller’s number and restricts their connectivity with their business associates and loved ones. Also, the Global Sim is expensive and per/minute rates and costs to buy the Sim continue to be prohibitively expensive.

SkipRoaming is inexpensive. With SkipRoaming you don’t have to buy a global sim or a local Sim so you don’t have to change your local mobile number. No matter which country you are travelling to‚ anybody that calls your home mobile will automatically be connected to you wherever you are globally. When abroad, you can also call anybody worldwide without paying any roaming charges whatsoever. Calls start at 1p/minute. Therefore there are no more “bill shocks” when you come back home from a business trip or a holiday.

SkipRoaming owns and operates an enterprise-class global network and through our expansive footprint‚ we deliver your calls anywhere in the world at a fraction of your mobile roaming charges. We offer a full range of products and services over our highly scalable and secure network. SkipRoaming currently employs 30 employees and serves UK‚ USA and Germany and soon many more countries in EMEA and across the world.

The evolution of SkipRoaming: Our brand

The year 2014 was transformational for SkipRoaming. We launched our revolutionary innovation products into the marketplace‚ made major investments into our network and recruited a new leadership team with significant industry experience. SkipRoaming has been founded on the principle of delivering personalised service and a superior customer experience. This remains core to who we are and will continue to be our top priority. We are enabling the Global traveller to travel happy and worry free and avoid “bill shock” when they come back home. SkipRoaming is a brand being built on next generation telephony‚ service‚ and ease of use. SkipRoaming is proud of delivering a superior customer experience and being a true travelling partner with the global traveller.

Who we are

We are very excited about what the future holds for SkipRoaming and for you‚ our customers. As the means of communication and methods of connectivity rapidly evolve‚ you need a partner that can help you align technology with terrific savings opportunity. You can count on SkipRoaming’s solutions to power the work that makes you great.


Message from Samudra Gupta, our Chief Operating Officer

Samudra Gupta explains how SkipRoaming has come into play and how it fills a long standing gap in international roaming space.

Tell us what made you think about SkipRoaming ?

I have been a global traveller for the past 20 years travelling worldwide for top corporations on business. Anytime I travelled on business, I always came back to “Bill Shock” and special approvals were needed from group head levels which was a pain.

It was my dream to create a Global product for international travellers to save them from high roaming charges. Several products in the market were launched i. e. Global Sim etc. but still their cost savings aspect is a myth as they are still way more expensive than the local Sim’s available at the country the passenger would arrive at. On top of that, the process of obtaining a local Sim in a foreign country is a major hassle and is fraught with difficulties, problems and complicated laws. Also the biggest drawback with these Sim’s is that the phone number of the traveller has changed, which altogether defeats the purpose. In addition, to this the logistics of delivering the Global Sim to the traveller before his departure is also very cumbersome and there is no guarantee that the Sim would work in the country you land in. Also there are issues with the quality of the service. Taking these aspects into account we envisioned the creation of a next generation revolutionary mobile application, which can be resident in the phones of its users and service can be activated instantly, without any hassles. SkipRoaming can be bought online, with instant activation, reasonably priced and the user can also see their usage and billing. Our smart mobile application eliminates the worry of high roaming charges, and at the same time being connected to their colleagues and loved ones back home. Most importantly the technology is non-invasive. The user doesn’t have to pull out their sim card and go through the cumbersome process of applying a sticker, or a film or a skin which can potentially damage your mobile phone and/or SIM card or the hassle and cost of buying and installing a global or local Sim which changes your phone number.

Can we make low cost international calls from home using SkipRoaming?

Absolutely. SkipRoaming is 3 dimensional. With SkipRoaming you can make low cost international calls directly from your mobile starting from as low as 1p a minute. When you travel abroad you can receive calls that are made to your domestic mobile and lastly you can also make low cost international calls whilst abroad at the same low SkipRoaming prices. What more can a consumer ask for? SkipRoaming is a complete solution for local consumers and international travellers.

Who is behind SkipRoaming?

A group of investors with global reach and a team of young and passionate, talented people who have a vision to make international roaming free for travellers.

How does it work?

Firstly‚ travellers need to purchase our service online or soon at any of our counters/kiosks in major airports or through travel agents. Upon purchase‚ they set up a SkipRoaming account with clear instructions on how to activate SkipRoaming services before they leave the country. They also download and install the SkipRoaming App on their mobile. That’s it. Any calls to their home country mobile are automatically routed to their mobile. No matter where they are globally. It is very easy and our app makes it effortless, easy and hassle free by automating the process.

Looking to extend this service globally? Which countries are you launching in?

We are looking forward to work closely with large distributors, Hotels‚ Corporate‚ travel agencies and airlines to expand our reach. Through partnership with SkipRoaming‚ they will be able to earn additional revenue and most importantly provide a value-added service that gives their customers peace of mind and happiness. We are extending our service to 3 countries with more countries to be added soon. We have the tools and the resources to make it GLOBAL.