close_img What is SkipRoaming?

SkipRoaming is a 3 dimensional telecom application which:

  1. Allows you to make low cost international calls directly from your mobile while at your home country.
  2. Allows you to receive all your mobile incoming calls without paying any roaming charges while overseas.
  3. Allows you to make low cost international calls directly from your mobile from abroad without paying any roaming charges.
close_img What is SkipRoaming FREE calling/Conferencing?

Calls over wi-fi/data between two SkipRoaming users are absolutely FREE. You only need to maintain a minimum credit balance of 1 GBP/USD/EURO in your account to use this service.

You can join more than one person on the same call by pressing the + button while you are on call with the first person and then select another contact or enter the phone number of the second person and then press the conference button. If all the persons connected in the call, are online in skipRoaming, the conference will be FREE. Otherwise, the caller will be charged for any number(s) connected as normal PSTN calls. You can add up to 8 persons at a time in the conference.

close_img Why can't I make FREE calls?

Please check you have at least 1 GBP/USD/EURO credit balance in your account and also you are calling over wi-fi/data. SkipRoaming free calls only work over internet connection with other registered SkipRoaming users online in the app and not applicable to landlines or non-registered mobiles.

close_img Who can use SkipRoaming?
  1. Anyone who wishes to use their current local mobile number while travelling overseas without paying their existing mobile providers exorbitant charges.
  2. Anyone who wishes to save on their mobile roaming bill.
  3. Anyone who wishes to maintain a local presence when travelling overseas or living in a different country.
close_img How can I top up my account?

You can top up directly from your App or via www.skiproaming.co.uk by logging in with your username and password.

close_img Does my credit expire?

No, whatevery you pay to top up your account will always remain in your account. We never expire the credit balance. However,the initial free credit given during sign up, will expire after 10 days from the sign up date.

close_img Do we need to buy a prepaid SIM Card in my travel country?

No you don’t. SkipRoaming makes it effortless, easy and hassle free to make and receive calls via the Wi-Fi option when you are abroad.

However, buying a local SIM card in your travel country will allow you to save money as

  1. Making local calls in your travel country will be cheaper.
  2. Data usage will be cheaper.
  3. Incoming calls will be free.
close_img Is SkipRoaming cheaper than Skype?

Calling with SkipRoaming will typically be up to 25% cheaper than Skype for most destinations.

close_img Is there any monthly fee?

No, there is no monthly fee. You pay-as-you-go. No subscriptions, commitments or hidden costs.

close_img Do people I call also need to download the SkipRoaming app?

No. With SkipRoaming you can call ANY mobile or landline. Your friends do not need the SkipRoaming app to receive your calls.

close_img Can I make SkipRoaming calls without any Internet connectivity?

Yes. SkipRoaming calls do not require any Internet connection. As long as you can make a local phone call, you can make a SkipRoaming international call.

close_img Can I make a call to any country in the world?

Yes, you can make a SkipRoaming call to any mobile or landline in the world.

close_img How can I receive my home mobile calls abroad?

Before you travel you will need to buy a local forwarding number from us and forward all your mobile calls to that number.

You then go to your App and choose either to

Receive your calls via Wi-Fi within your App or
Any landline or foreign mobile number.

It’s your choice where you want to receive your calls and entering the number to receive is equally easy.